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Street Smart Martial Arts

Street Smart Martial Arts is a self-defense course that combines numerous martial arts styles blended together with the unique Street Smart style of Carol Hamilton. The goal has been to create a style of self-defense that is non-aggressive and spiritual. Carolís course is appropriate for all ages.



Carolís Credentials:

  • Black Belt in Akido-Hapkido
  • Obtained Black Belt from Master Richard Lowell
  • Has been involved in Martial Arts for over 15 years


Master Richard Lowellís 12 Steps to Accomplishment

1.    Believe in yourself
2.    Solve your problems systematically
3.    Set your goals realistically
4.    Be patient and continue forward
5.    Do not fall to adversity
6.    Be of good cheer
7.    Exchange thoughts and energy with others
8.    Be harmonious with your surroundings
9.    Give of yourself to help others
10.  Stand firm in your beliefs and principles and trust in them
11.  Redirect negative force to positive force
12.  Learn from the past; utilize the present to
            progress in the future.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Hours and Rates:
Street Smart Martial Arts rates and times vary,
please call or email for information.